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Favorite Workout: Tabata Training 

My name is Eric Salas, I'm 29 years old, from the sunny Tampa, FL.

I grew up in North Carolina playing every sport you could think of: surfing, baseball, soccer, football, two different kinds of martial arts and even cheerleading is a part of my resume. Being active in all kinds of sports growing up made me really appreciate the importance of fitness and set me up for the things I love to do in my off-time. 
Today, I spend my time differently but I'm still very active. Whenever I can make it to the beach for a swell I'm there, but if not, you'll find me grinding it out in the gym. Being an athlete, by definition, is my ultimate goal and having the ability to compete in any sport or activity is what I pride myself in. My most recent venture led me into the world of Crossfit where I found new challenges in Olympic lifting and gymnastic movements. 
I began my career in the Air Force as a jet propulsion mechanic but was recently reassigned to my job now, as an instructional systems designer. What this involves in creating, writing, and implementing the courses and materials involved in the United States Air Force's Airman Leadership Program. Yet again, I find myself  with a new challenge... creating the future leaders of the Air Force. A daunting task to say the least but an amazing one to experience.
Infitnitude, for me, provides a platform to affect the world in a positive way. Helping others attain their goals and find new levels of fitness both physically and mentally, is a humbling experience to say the least. I never thought I'd have this opportunity and now that I do have it, I plan to show my Power of Existence, through being a part of Infitnitude.